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Creating Printables


Printables are a great way to make some passive income. Whether it is a stand alone product or a compliment to an existing business, printables are very popular. If you are interested in creating printables but do not know where to start, let me help!

1. Think about what you want to create. A printable can be a checklist, game, worksheet, workbook or even an ebook. The ideas are endless. Try and start with one niche. A good place to start would be with holidays or celebrations.

2. Do some research and see what your customer is looking to buy. What are their pain points? The best way to do research is by looking at Etsy, Pinterest and Google Trends. (If you already have an audience, do a survey and ask them.)

3. Find out what people are buying, not only what products they are looking at - which means more research. Do not copy other peoples designs. Figure out how you can create something that would be unique.

4. Use programs you are already familiar with or learn how to use a new program such as Canva. You do not need to make complicated designs. Many simple and minimalistic items are easy to make good sellers.

5. Get some feedback on your designs either from friends, community group or your audience. Test the market. See what people like or what suggestions they have to improve it.

6. Now on to the fun part - opening an Etsy shop! Come up with a name that matches your niche so there is no doubt what you are selling. This will also make it easier to be found in the midst of Etsy sellers.

7. Register as a business.

8. Start setting up your Etsy shop and add your products! I recommend Etsy to start with because the audience is already there and they are looking to buy products. And here are 40 free listings to get you started. 

9. I would suggest you have 10 items created before you open your shop.

10. Set up your social media accounts where your customers hang out. Although you can go ahead and reserve all the social sites you want to be on, only focus on one or two initially. You can work on the others as you grow.

11. Start promoting your shop! 😎

In closing, you may be wondering "Why create printables?"

Here's my answer:

1. It's fun! 😊

2. You can help people!

3. If you give away a great printable, it will help grow your email list.

4. Printables or workbooks can be a great addition to another product you may have such as a course.

5. If you sell printables, it is a way to make some passive money over and over. (Also called an evergreen product.)

Now, take a moment and start brainstorming all the different printables you could create in your desired niche! 🤩 Printables Resource is here to provide you with resources to help you in your business. Make sure to check out the website that has done for you products, freebies and resources of other vendors to help you on your printables journey. 


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